Posters are an excellent way of showcasing your important work to a highly interested international audience in a very clear and visual format. At SWCs, we strive to place posters in a central and prominent location during the entire duration of the Congress, for all participants to view, admire and be intrigued by. 

This makes SWC posters a key component of the congress, and an excellent networking tool also. 
Did you know, there are also dedicated poster presentation sessions? These are a vital aspect of the SWCs, allowing you to spend 5 minutes communicating your research as well as delving into the subject more in a short q&a session. Conversations will likely continue though-out the entire congress. Go further into exploring your field of research, and gain insights into the research of your peers at dedicated "Poster networking sessions". 

The conversation does not need to stop at the congress! You have the option to have your poster presentation video recorded and uploaded to the International Solar Energy Society's YouTube channel, further increasing the reach your research has, to people and communities all over the world. 

Regardless if you present in a technical oral session or a poster session, your full scientific paper will be included in the ISES Conference Proceedings Database if submitted within the deadline.

SWC poster layout:

  • Your poster should be upright/portrait style with a maximum size of: US format: width: max. 36 inches, height: max 56 inches or DIN A0 format: width: max. 33 inches (84 cm), height: max. 47 inches (119 cm).
  • Please make sure that letters are sufficiently large to be read from a distance of 1-3 m.

The poster’s purpose is to visually communicate your latest research in a quick, efficient, and effective manner. Here are some tips on creating an effective scientific poster:


View Poster presentations from past SWCs on the International Solar Energy Society YouTube channel. Search for the playlists according to the SWC name. Below you can view an example from the ISES Solar World Congress 2017 in Chile.