Accepted papers presented at the ISES Solar World Congress 2023 will be published with an individual DOI in the conference proceedings on a publicly accessible and searchable online database:

On the ISES proceedings website you can search and find papers published under the proceedings of ISES conferences. Each paper is published with a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This database offers the global renewable energy community with easy and searchable access to ISES conference proceedings. It also provides authors of scientific papers a state-of-the-art platform to publish their work presented at ISES conferences.

ISES was founded in 1954 to advance solar energy technology development and use. Since then ISES has led the growth of solar energy from the laboratory to commercial success. ISES conferences, such as the biennial Solar World Congress and EuroSun, exemplify the spirit of international networking and exchange of ideas. Our conferences provide a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for the global renewable energy community, representing the research and academic sectors, governments, civil-society and project and community planners among many others.

The proceedings represent the latest in research, development, deployment and projects on a range of topics presented at ISES conference.

Copyright Agreement

All authors must complete and submit a copyright agreement when submitting their full papers. The copyright agreement can be downloaded on this web page when the full paper submission is open.

Scientific Journal Publication - Partnership with Solar Energy Advances Journal

A selected number of the highest quality papers from each topic of the SWC 2023 will be invited to be submitted, peer reviewed and published by the renowned ISES scientific journal, Solar Energy Advances. All papers submitted to the Solar Energy Advances journal will undergo a rigorous review process. Papers which progress to publication will include a footnote informing that this paper was originally presented at the ISES Solar World Congress 2023. Please note that the review and publication process for Solar Energy Advances journal may take up to one (1) year after the SWC 2023. If your paper is selected for review in Solar Energy and then rejected, it will be added to the SWC 2023 proceedings. More information about Solar Energy Advances can be found