During the SWC 2023 Closing Ceremony, the SWC 2023 Congress proclamation was read:

SWC 2023: Moving the world toward 100% renewable energy

For over half a century the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has gathered the world's pre-eminent solar energy researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders at its biennial Solar World Congresses (SWCs) to share technology developments, new research breakthroughs, case studies and best practices in solar and renewable energy development.  This year’s Congress, held in the vibrant capital of India, New Delhi, 30 October - 4 November 2023, underscored the importance of addressing the climate crisis by accelerating the just and sustainable energy transformation in India and throughout the world through enhanced collaboration of stakeholders and decision makers. To achieve this objective, ISES joined forces with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an intergovernmental organization headquartered in India striving to increase deployment of solar energy technologies and solutions in its Member Countries.   ISES was excited to bring the Congress back to India, the world’s second most populous country, for the first time since 1978 when solar was still in its infancy, and now is in a time of rapid solar energy development with one of the most ambitious solar energy targets in the world.

In addition to opportunities for dialogues among decision makers and stakeholders, the 300 participants from 38 countries shared information about the latest solar energy R&D developments and applications for both solar thermal and solar electric technologies, grid flexibility and enhancements under an increasingly distributed energy system, storage technologies, off-grid programs, solar design for buildings and urban regions, solar fuel development, educational programs, and many other topics. Roles and opportunities for engagement of all young ISES professionals were focal points throughout the Congress. 


Moving forward, ISES reaffirms its global call to action to accelerate the transformation to a 100% renewable energy world for all human kind. This action must include creative integration of innovative technologies, policies and finances based on principals of JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion), sustainability (efficiency, wise use of energy, circular economy) and global collaboration.